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Building Signs That Last

At City Image Signs, we design, manufacture, install, service, and maintain a variety of permanent signs to showcase your brand. We are a company that provides a hand-crafted, high quality product that will last.

All illuminated signs come with a cUL/UL certification that demonstrates that it has been tested, and that it complies with the requirements of CAN/CSA 22.1-12, the Canadian Electrical Code issued by the Canadian Standards Association. All signs that we build with electrical components will contain a cUL sticker.

We support our workmanship with a parts & services warranty, and we also offer the option to set up a mutual service contract.

Channel Letters with Marquee lights

Brand Maintenance


Your brand is important to us, therefore we strive to create signage that gives your brand the highest impact. We pride ourselves in working with large corporations over multiple locations. We often create a brand guide to follow, to ensure that the brand is kept in place across the nation.

We are signage professionals that have your company’s longterm goals in the back of our mind. We work towards the best signage solution for each unique location, while aiming to achieve consistency and creating the greatest impact for your brand. 


Channel Letters

A prestigious first impression

Channel (or dimensional) letter signs are the most common type of building sign that we work with for retail and commercial businesses.

They can be illuminated or non-illuminated, with various methods of lighting them up (see section below). They can be slim and modern, or larger and more prominent. We can produce them in most shapes and sizes, depending on where the sign will be installed. They can be fabricated out of steel, aluminum and acrylic with painted or anodized finishes. We install these onto the building by either flush-mounting each letter, or installing onto a raceway that houses the electrical components. Sometimes a backer or cabinet can be a great element to incorporate with the illumination the sign in a unique way, or to assist in giving it a custom look.

Our team is happy to explore different options and work with you to come up with the best solution to fit your brand and building.


Channel Letters with reverse lit

Channel Letter Types






Flat Cut Letters

A durable option

Flat cut letters are a non-illuminated, more conservative budget option to channel letters. They are generally produced out of acrylic, aluminum, or steel; and can be made with an anodized finish or painted to fit any color. For exterior applications, we often incorporate both channel letters and flat cut letters into one sign to give it dimension.

Another common application for flat cut letters is for interior signage. The depth of flatter materials at a closer distance readability for interior signs allows for the signs to have dimension, yet remain durable for longevity. These are great used as reception signs, as a focal point in the boardroom, or used as a cohesive wayfinding plan.

Our signage professionals would be thrilled to work with you on the best material for the job. Give us a call to get started!



Box signs / Sign Cabinets

A simple solution

Sign Cabinets (or box signs), are another common sign type that we offer. We can fabricate a new sign cabinet for your building face, we do lexan face replacements for existing sign cabinets, or we also incorporate sign cabinets into freestanding sign designs.

All of our exterior sign cabinets are fabricated out of aluminum to prevent rusting, and we include drain holes to avoid flooding. Cabinets can be illuminated or not, and they are custom designed to fit your space. We offer a variety of stock colours for the extruded profile & frame, or we have an in-house paint booth to match any specific branded colors. Faces are generally fabricated out of lexan with digital or vinyl cut graphics. Flexible face construction would be considered for larger faces over 8’ high or over 20’ in length.

Once our team has all the appropriate information for your project, including your branding guidelines and the building that your sign will be installed onto, we will offer our best suggestions for size and color of your cabinet sign.



A comprehensive plan

We work on wayfinding solutions to enhance visual design and assist in relaying information through navigation of environments comfortably. Our in-house designers have experience collaborating with firms so that we are able to facilitate in identifying and directing areas, which in turn creates a stronger identity throughout signage.

A cohesive plan is an essential starting point for wayfinding. Reach out to our team to get the planning process started!


Illumination Types

Neon & Faux-Neon

Neon is a great way to add character to your signage. This is an old sign type (introduced in 1923), that is illuminated by gas-discharged tubes. 

Neon uses about the same amount of energy as an ordinary light bulb. If installed outdoors, it will require a special backer. A typical backing can be open face channel letters. Neon and Argon are inert gasses that can be found in the air we breathe, and by themselves are not dangerous. Neon produced by City Image Signs comes with the cUL/UL certification mark to show that industry standards for safety have been applied.

We offer 1 year warranty on electrical components and labour. Neon tubes typically last 5 to 8 years but can last significantly longer depending on how much it is in use. Transformers usually last between 10-15 years. Electrical surges in the power supply can significantly reduce the life of a transformer.

An alternative option to neon is a product called Flexibrite, which is made out of LED’s in flexible optically modified silicone extrusion. Ideal for exterior and interior lighting applications such as sign perimeters, letters, symbols, accent stripes, borders, and open‑face channel letters.


Marquis Lighting

If you’re looking for an eye-catching sign, incorporating marquis bulbs is a great method in doing so. They come in a variety of sizes, colors and brightnesses. One thing to keep in mind when designing with marquis lighting is to ensure your municipality allows these to be permittable.

Reach out to our team to get started in creating a unique sign with specialty lighting!

LED lighting

LED lights are our most common method for illuminating signage. They are bright & efficient, and can be used in various ways. This includes signage that is face lit, halo lit, edge lit, push-through illumination, flood lighting, and we also use LED rope lighting as an accent feature on freestanding signs. They come in a variety of colors and brightnesses. We also offer servicing to retrofit older fluorescent fixtures to LEDs.

Feel free to reach out to our team to explore which illumination method works best for your project!