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Signage has been proven to attract customers and has also been shown to have a significant positive economic impact. A well designed pylon or monument sign can form the bedrock of a successful business.

Our experienced team of designers, project managers, fabricators and installers will focus on your project to meet that objective. Signage has three important functions: attract new customers, reinforce the message of your business and inspire the desire to make a purchase. An effectively designed freestanding sign must possess optimum visibility, readability, and conspicuity.


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One of our initial questions when starting the design process of your freestanding sign is “What is your goal”; meaning are you looking to build a large sign to showcase your brand, are we focusing on the building’s architecture, or is your main goal to display interchangeable panels for tenant exposure? Your budget also plays a large role in what the sign looks like and how it will be built. 



The overall style can vary between cantilevered, 2-pile or multiple pile. This is determined by a combination of the look you are hoping to achieve, along with the size and wind load of where the sign will be going. Our drafting experts ensure that the weight of architectural proponents matches the foundation that we spec in our drawings. 

We also focus on what other elements you may want to incorporate, including time & temperature readers or digital displays. 

We are here to help bring your wish-list and functionality to fruition; give us a call to explore your options further!



durability is our priority

In addition to having a freestanding sign that looks visually appealing, we design structures so they are built to meet engineering standards. We go through the proper channels and harvest the appropriate knowledge to ensure that the design is structurally sound and is fabricated with the quality that exceeds industry standards. We acquire an engineer stamp from our professional partners if required, for both the structural components of the sign and/or the foundation. 



CERTIFIed Fabrication

All freestanding signs built by City Image Signs are cUL/UL certified. We include a sticker on the base of the sign to reflect this certification for the electrical components. 

We have a certified welder working on the fabrication of the structural elements, and a certified electrician working on the wiring of the the electrical components. This is a requirement by law in many municipalities. We take safety seriously, and make sure we approach all jobs with the proper certifications and methods under our belt. 




Signs that meet standards

Our team is well versed in working with permitting requirements for the different municipalities across the country. This is important prior to commencing the planning stages of your sign; including the illumination, dimensions and how it will be constructed.

We explore the location in question to ensure that the sign can be placed in a spot that is appropriate to the building, yet doesn’t impede with other freestanding structures or encroaches property lines. If you’re looking to incorporate a digital display into your sign, there are other considerations to follow to ensure the sign will be approved in the permitting process.



Modular Design

At CIS, we aim to provide efficiencies across the board in order to maintain reasonable timelines and keep costs down. We commence every project with a detailed charter in estimating, and discuss all projects with the lead of manufacturing so that we are aware of how the signs will be built. We often design freestanding signs in a modular fashion, which helps during the transportation and installation stages. Although modular in fabrication, the signs are still completely custom to fit the project.



Return of Investment


Freestanding signs should be looked at as ‘capital investment’, similar to how you look at the purchase of your building. Pylon signs are a great revenue generator for any property that has tenants to buy into using them. Tenants and leasing agents both benefit from the exposure and traffic count of the signage exposure on the store frontage. If your sign has a digital component to it, you can potentially sell ad space as a revenue generator, depending on the permitting restrictions. Give us a call to explore the options today!