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Corporate signage plays an integral part of your image and also adds to the overall daily success. It is vital for any business to keep their signage in a clean, working condition that is constantly visible and appealing to the public. City Image Signs offers a variety of sign services that aids in keeping your brand visible and relevant to all your customers. 

At City Image Signs, all services that pertain to your sign is done by highly qualified personnel that have up-to-date certification and training that meets industry standards. We provide a hand-crafted, quality product; and that all comes to fruition with the professional services that we offer. 

Sign Servicing - Install in Edmonton
Sign Servicing - Install in Edmonton


We approach each project with a plan in efforts to for-see any potential obstacles throughout the process. No matter the size of the sign, or the scope of the project, a plan is a crucial starting point. This includes client meetings, site surveys, investigating the restrictions and considerations related to municipal permits, zoning, landlord criteria & municipal guidelines. We aim to have all the information prior to jumping into design. Once we are aware of the restrictions for your signage, our team will work with you to create a sign that best suits your brand and showcases the best visibility and materials for the sign(s) location.

We use the most current & convenient methods of communication both with the client and internally. This ensures that we are on the same page for all stages of the project. We are happy to sit down with you in our boardroom to brainstorm the goals of the project, or we can touch base via video chat or conference call. Our team is flexible and willing to work with the best methods for the project. 

Project Management

Every project that we work on is run through our project management team. Our project managers ensure that all the details are met to execute your signage. This includes setting up site surveys and relaying details for installers to be looking for, permit applications and submissions, ensuring we are following the brand standards required for your sign, quality control of all materials specced on designs, follow through with manufacturing, supervision and installation, and post-project analyzing. We are here to apply our expertise to your project from beginning to end, dealing with all the details in between, so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Our sign industry veterans are here to alleviate any stress in having the project run smoothly, from initial planning to final install. We pride ourselves in taking that next step in extrapolating the first sign into multiple locations. Our team is made up of experts that take project management through to brand management for multiple location signage requirements as your business expands. 

Light bulb replacement
LED Retrofitting

Brand Management

We have expertise in creating and following brand management when it comes to signage. Our designers work with you on concept design to achieve the perfect sign for your business. We investigate your brand standards to ensure that colours, fonts, and use of your logo is respected.

Once the sign design is in place, we ensure that sign methods are echoed across multiple locations, if your business is to branch out. City Image Signs is proud to be a signage solutions provider across Canada. We work with companies to ensure consistency throughout methods and manufacturing.


The permitting guidelines often control the starting point of a sign design. We ensure that we look into municipal and zoning permit restrictions prior to starting a concept design. Once you are satisfied with how a sign looks, our team is happy to assist in putting together the permit application to be reviewed and approved by the city or town of where the sign will be installed. 

As our professionals are constantly working with municipalities on permit applications, we have a good idea on what restrictions may become obstacles. A huge benefit of choosing CIS as your signage provider is utilizing our permitting experts towards your project. Any missing information in the permit application may extend the permit approval timeline, which can push the entire project back. Doing it right the first time with our team working for you is an advantage towards the overall timeline and goals of the project. 

LED Retrofitting
LED Retrofitting

Building & Development Applications

Our team has experience working with permitting officers in many of the major cities in Canada, and every application can vary on what is required for submission.

Some larger or more detailed signs will require an engineer stamp, where as all applications will need to include the artwork of the proposed sign with details and a site plan showing the location of the sign in correlation to the property lines and nearest roads. If your sign is facing a highway, an additional permit will be required from Transportation Canada. We also have experience navigating through the variance process to find an optimal solution if the municipality in question is limited beyond what we are looking to achieve.

We are extremely familiar in what is needed to have your sign pass through permitting, and we are constantly refreshing our knowledge in this area.


Larger signs can require technical drawings to ensure that they are engineered properly, this is both for safety and permitting purposes. We have in-house CAD drafting staff to ensure that we are educated in what is required when tackling a large project, and we also have close partnerships with Engineering firms if a stamp or further consultation is required.

LED Retrofitting
LED Retrofitting


City Image Signs prides ourselves in in providing quality signage. Our signs are produced at our head quarters located in Edmonton, Alberta.

We have the most experienced and trained staff on board to ensure signs are being built properly and will be durable to withstand the elements and time. We are CUL certified and we use top of the line products and materials. Our expert line of construction workmanship includes welding, painting, electrical, carpentry, precision metal fabrication, CNC machining, channel letter fabrication, assembly, and more. We are constantly upping our skillset and knowledge to provide the best signs in the industry.