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by | May 17, 2023

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Home & Away is the perfect spot to watch the game, situated in the heart of all the action across from Rogers Place in Edmonton 🏒

We worked on various signs for this location, including an exterior fascia sign, exterior projecting sign, interior suspended sign, interior button sign and an interior spinning sign. 

Exterior fascia sign – 25ft wide x 4ft tall x 3in deep face-illuminated channel letters mounted to rail that are painted to match the brick on the building. 

Exterior projecting sign – 4ft round, double sided, led-illuminated projecting sign mounted with thru-bolt method. 

Interior suspended sign – 21ft wide x 20in tall x 3in deep channel letters, mounted with two vertical stringers and suspended from the ceiling with aircraft cable.

Interior Button sign – 3ft round face-illuminated sign, wall-mounted above interior entrance.

Interior Spinning sign – Working from the inner layer outwards – the sign’s core is comprised of a stationary 1.5” aluminum pipe to house the low voltage power feed. The centre has 2x .040 aluminum break formed LED panels. The shape is comprised of a custom made 3/4” aluminum reverse angle ring, aluminum bar braces and a 10” deep x 25” round sign can covered with an aluminum skin. The faces are fabricated out of 3/16” lexan with vinyl graphics. The sign can is mounted within an aluminum beauty ring to offer a perfect fit in the wall’s opening. The power supplies are installed remotely in the wall complete with power switch.  


Home & Away

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Edmonton, AB

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February 2022